'I have developed a real love for the coffee industry and I am looking to invest myself into a good company.'





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I've known Pete and has family for just over fifteen years. We initially met when I took my (at the time) young children for breakfast in a local coffee shop (Coffee Culture) that Pete managed. Aside from serving THE BEST coffee in the North of England Pete and his lovely girlfriend Jo were delightful with my kids and I think at some point they even created menu items for my kids!


Since then Pete has gone from strength to strength both personally and professionally. Even in our earliest discussions he had an entrepreneurial desire to set up his own high-end coffee business and over the first few years of our friendship its fair to say he had one or two set backs with people letting him down but he showed amazing persistence and eventually got his first business up and running.


But this was just the start. From his early success Pete pretty boldly pursued the take over of a struggling establishment at the thriving Dean Clough converted mill complex and turned it into a top class cafe and eaterie. As usual Pete convinced these hard nosed Yorkshire business people with a combination of charm, persistence and a great product.


Fast forward to 2016 and Pete has a beautiful wife and a delightful family. His business is flourishing (I write this from his fabulous Engine Room Cafe). He deserves everything that he has achieved and should he become resident in NZ your gain will be our loss.



CEO of a UK-based healthcare business and previously was the youngest CEO of a business quoted on the London Stock Exchange, aged 32.






I have worked with Pete in almost every job I have had, starting with my first job at 14 years old where he secured me a weekend waitressing position at the coffee shop where he worked full time. Pete provided the majority of my training, if not all of it, and now 10 years on still continues to train me in new aspects of work I come across.


With Pete’s plans to move to New Zealand he passed on the role of Managing Director to me, and in the remaining months before his departure, we have worked in this role together to ensure I am confident in all the new responsibilities my new position requires.


Pete is very knowledgable in the coffee shop / cafe / catering industry as that is what he has always worked in while working his way up through different companies and jobs roles. This shows all the time when we work together, when we train new staff and in training current staff with new duties.


He is the hardest working person I know. He is passionate about what he does and is also very creative, always coming up with new ideas and ways he can improve current situations.

For example when Pete took on the task of baking cakes for our coffee shop each week when we were between suppliers. We would have different flavour cakes, lots that I've never seen in other shops, and they all go down really well with our customers who are always giving him compliments. Pete doesn't just bake the cakes though, he created our entire menu while always coming up with new daily specials.


I honestly believe that Pete would be an asset to your company. He is great to get along with and very easy to work with/for. It will be with great sadness to see him go but a great gain for whoever employs him.



Managing Director of Eight Sixteen Coffee Company Ltd.






I have been a close friend and co-worker of Pete Green for over 20 years.


Over the past 15 years, Pete and I have worked together in our church band, youth group and a children’s club which is held in a primary school in one of the more deprived areas of Halifax. Pete has always been dependable and always offers support at short notice in all of the activities that we were envolved in together.


Each year, our church have held a fun day for the community where we hold our children’s club. The fun days have been very demanding but very successful and Pete is an integral part of the fun day. Pete has offered help from leaflet dropping to

over 2000 households in the area, ensuring he has been available to help with setting up for the day and providing help with manning the BBQ which is a very popular and demanding stall.


Pete is a person of good moral character who cares about those around him. Pete is dependable, reliable, positive, able to work under pressure, creative and a talented musician. He is patient, trustworthy and has innovative ideas which he has

demonstrated by establishing and managing his own successful coffee shop. Pete is a person of great integrity, has a positive impact on those around him and always sees the best in others. Pete is dedicated to whatever job he is going and always

thinks about the next step and how to improve processes.


Pete has been an integral part of the groups that we’ve been involved in together and

there is no doubt that Pete would be an asset to any company.



Quality Assurance Manager, Worship Leader, Community & Childrens Work Co-ordinator






I have known Pete for 16 years, over which he has helped me learn to play guitar, worked with me on a clothing company and employed me as a cook despite having no previous experience.


Pete has been a great boss, friend and mentor. He is extremely passionate, creative and dedicated.


For the 2 years I have worked with Pete at the coffee shop he has guided me and taught me many aspects of my current role, adding valuable skills to my position as head cook as well as other roles such as front of house, barista and staff training. He has encouraged and helped me to make my job something I am passionate about, proud of and keep me working for excellence in a fast and high pressured environment.



Head Cook, Eight Sixteen Coffee Company Ltd.






I have known Peter Green for over 20 years now. He is a man of good sound character. Peter has worked hard to establish his business showing a willingness to be ultra-committed to the task. Showing attributes of a hard-working man who is prepared for long hours and serious commitment.


He has also shown a readiness to study for new skills at the same time as his work/business commitments. He is a highly disciplined individual, able to meet goals and deadlines.


He is also an accomplished musician.


He is a dedicated family man with a big heart and I can wholeheartedly recommend him to you.



Church minister, missionary & author






For Peter to be employed by Coffee Culturewas in itself an indication of the person he is. Our focus has always been on customer service, teamwork and individual freedom. He excelled in all areas.


From my point of view, Peter was an absolute gem; he would never question an instruction, even if it was a difficult request. He could run his own department with minimum fuss and efficiency, often coming up with new ideas, many that were implemented.


Peter'e attendence record was fantastic, often coming in to work when other may not have. He regognised that if he was missing, the operation would not run as smoothly.


As a person, he is a fine example of someone his age, very polite, well mannered, funny and very loyal.


For anyone considering employing him, I would recommend that you take him on and experience what a great lad he is.



Former employer & director of M J Coffee Ltd